"The human voice is an expression of character."

"My goal is to uncover the essential, the one and only You, the actor's approach I learned under celebrated acting teacher, Uta Hagan. I apply this approach to singing. The human voice is the most versatile musical instrument in the world. It can be trained to produce Bel Canto (head) tones, a Belt (chest) for Gospel and Country, or the Mix heard in Pop, Jazz, and Musical Theater. Each individual voice has its own strengths. You and I work toward your strengths, seeking your unique sound. That sound, plus your musicality and the discoveries made in an acting approach, result in a trained musical voice that is a rich expression of you."
Elizabeth Hodes

Elizabeth Hodes has sung in Broadway musicals and in her own cabarets in NYC and coast-to-coast. For her Master of Music degree at NYU, she concentrated on opera, chamber music, and oratorio, also studying privately with Juilliard teachers, Daniel Ferro (voice) and Thomas Grubb (repertory). Her master's thesis, a one-woman show, included songs of Kurt Weill and Edith Piaf, which demanded a blend of head and chest registers in a seamless technique capable of capturing every pitch and tone of which a voice is possible. That is the direction her studies have took her and what she passes to her students today.

My Approach:
Voices are as recognizable as faces. Each has a unique potential. I will free your voice and release your own confident sound. I train Rock, Pop, and R&B singers. I will help you be ready to go before an audience at a club or concert, and win people over with your singing. I'm a patient yet demanding coach. My studio is a supportive environment where you feel free to explore your personal feelings about your songs. You'll develop your own interpretation and put your personal stamp on every song. I've helped ready students for their own concerts, shows, or sets, and at a surprisingly fast pace. Last minute audition preparation is also welcome. I train beginners to pros, singer/songwriters, dancers, actors, whoever wants to free up a tight throat, smooth out high notes, build breath control, overcome stage fright... and all the rest.

A typical session begins with a warm-up, then strength and range-builing exercises.

You'll learn to free your voice through techniques of breathing and blending chest and head registers into one seamless sound.

You'll learn to control your belt and to produce high notes in full voice.

You'll develop microphone technique, emulating audition / performance / cabaret conditions.

You'll make a demo CD recorded on ProTools, which can include piano accompaniment, and you can take the accompaniment home to work with on your own.

You'll learn to use song lyrics as a spoken monolog, then transfer the acting elements that you created into the song.

You'll polish your unique style and work to deliver a strong emotion-inspired performance.

You build your own personal song repertorie.

And much more.


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