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Elizabeth Hodes’ two cabaret appearances at Nazareth College in Rochester New York have dazzled students and adults alike. Hodes’ performance concept, starting with Europe’s raucous and dangerous “Golden Twenties,” attracts students of varied interests: Theater; Dance; Film; Music; Literature; Historical and Cultural Studies. Naturally, her subject matter appeals equally well to the crowd who has memories of memories. With her artistry and refined presentation, Hodes has perfected a presentation combining the sexy, wild evocations of a Marlene Dietrich, the political swipes of Lotte Lenya and the haunting, personal French ambience of an Edith Piaf. With these and other musical-cultural programs Hodes alternatively is able to create brassy cabaret stage acts combined with pensive reflections of an era. The clear and uncluttered piano accompaniment together with her focused staging – red roses, candelabra, jade plant – support a colorful, non-stop evening. Recommended for all Humanities academic departments, student university clubs and civic association gala evenings.

William L. Hopkins, Ph.D.
Professor of German
Nazareth College
Rochester NY

Ms. Hodes is a true performer - she plays her part to the utmost, keeping the audience engaged and entertained while giving a dazzling performance in stunning attire. On top of the musical and aesthetic value of her performance, those in attendance are showered with jewels of knowledge about the original performers of the songs she sings - including performers like the great Lotte Lenya, Marlene Dietrich, and Edith Piaf. Appearing charming and captivating on stage, she is that and more off stage. To sum the performance up in one word is impossible. It is magical, stunning and, in short, without a doubt one of the most enjoyable live vocal performances around.

Carrie Waterman
German Club
Nazareth College

“Now that I’ve seen Elizabeth Hodes, I guess I can stop moaning about the fact that I never heard Lotte Lenya sing live and live happily ever after … I know of no other singer working today who is as strong an interpreter of lyrics.”

“Elizabeth Hodes sings with her entire body and soul … from the gut, fiercely growling her challenge to the world. This is exceptionally fine interpretation, with no compromises.”
-Maya T. Amis, ONSTAGE

“A stylish actress and singer … she makes the legends live again.”
-David Finkle, The Village Voice

“Ms. Hodes effectively provides a mood, an emotional expression of Piaf … an intelligent, well researched production … this show provides a view into Piaf’s life as represented in her music.”
-Keith Meritz, Cabaret Scenes

“Elizabeth Hodes is the kind of performer you rarely run across in a cabaret setting. Her show La Musique de Piaf … was a revelation of Hodes the actress, the singer, the dancer, and the storyteller – as artist. She entertained us, instructed us, and moved us during this beautifully wrought evening.”
-John Wallowitch, John’s Cabaret. Ch. 17

“(in Reflecting on the Blue Angel), eschewing mimicry in favor of stylistic resonance, Hodes paints an unflaggingly interesting and intelligent portrait of the film legend and world personality”
-Roy Sander, BACKSTAGE

“The tall, glamorous and commanding singer Elizabeth Hodes … takes the audience back to the sophisticated ambiance of the supper clubs of the forties and fifties … Reflecting on Marlene transcends nostalgia, to become memorable theater.”
-Monica Strauss, AUFBAU
(German Newspaper)

“It was a beautiful show, you are a truly gifted performer, and Mr. Weill is lucky to have such an interpreter of his music.”
-Joel Derfner, Joe’s Pub associate

“What Hodes does best is to weave a spell and let your interest in her evolve … she is a canny live performer unconfined by custom. … By the evening’s end I was thoroughly engrossed and curious to an obsession about Marlene Dietrich.”
-Neal Zoren, CaB Magazine

“Elizabeth Hodes … uses her lithe body and husky pipes to recreate the aura and mystery, as well as the reality, of one of our most enduring stars … a healthy round of kudos for an evening of humor, drama, and revelation.”
Martin Schaeffer, BACKSTAGE

“Elizabeth Hodes’ grand theatricality conveys Piaf’s spirit and humanity. Vive la France!”
Paul Willistein, The Morning Call

“Your program was magical! We were suddenly transported back in time and the “Little Sparrow” mesmerized us again, tragic, triumphant, just as she did in the years of my youth … The theater has already called me and asked to be included in your next tour.”
Francine L. Fuqua, President,
Alliance Francaise de Knoxville

“Dramatic, lively, educational, and fun. What more could you ask for?”
Mark M. Anderson, Dept. of Germanic Languages,
Columbia University

“I am total awe of the celebration of Edith Piaf that you so wonderfully presented this past Friday evening at Danny’s Skylight Room … I cannot even find the words to express the feelings that you kindled in me during your tribute.”
George Zober, patron