Performances by Liz
Elizabeth Hodes At Odette’s
"No Regrets!" her 13th Bastille Day Show

More than any other song, Edith Piaf’s passionate , "Non, je ne regrette rien," (No Regrets!) evokes the star-crossed glorious life of Edith Piaf, France’s greatest chanteuse.

When Elizabeth Hodes returns to Odette’s on Bastille Day, she brings her dramatic cabaret inspired by the life of this immortal singer, songs of outcasts, prostitutes, and the doomed, all the lost souls Piaf loved. She is also inspired by Piaf’s own quest for love, from her early "Je t’ai’s dans la peau," (You’re In My Skin) to "Hymne ŕ l’amour," (Hymn to Love), written for the greatest love of her life, the boxing champion, Marcel Cerdan. And no program celebrating Edith Piaf is complete without her signature "La Vie En Rose," which Hodes will perform with particular relish this year, her thirteenth return to Odette’s for its annual Bastille Day celebration:

"No Regrets" will play on Thursday, July 14, 2005 at 8PM. Dinner from 6 PM at Odette’s, South River Road, New Hope, PA. Reserve by calling 215-862-3000. Or email