Recent Performances:

May 2, 2004
Berrie Performing Arts Center, Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ

Dear Liz,

You made our program "World War 2 Memories" a big hit. Thank you for such a wonderful show. It was a thrill to have you for the evening in "A Touch of Venus." The response from everyone that joined us for dessert afterwards was so enthusiastic. They loved your commentary that went with the performance. Everyone was enthralled with the history that you shared with us about Dietrich, Piaf & Lenya during that period. What a great show for history students as well as theater arts students. All of the Mahwah Museum trustees thank you for coming to Mahwah.

Linda Dator

"I feel empowered by singing the music of Piaf in these difficult times. If anyone knew what suffering was, Piaf did. She endured a mother's abandonment, growing up on the streets, not having enough to eat, the occupation of the Nazis, and loss of love - yet she overcame these challenges through singing about them. Though she's indubitably French, her will to live is universally inspiring. Whatever one's nationality, Piaf's message of great passion for life and love endures and is as poignant today as the day she died, 40 years ago."

-Elizabeth Hodes

"Seeing you perform made me want to go back to Paris for the first time in 50 years."

- French war bride attending Elizabeth Hodes' "La Vie En Rose" at the Slippery Rock Regional Festival of the Arts, April 2003


December 20, 2001

Dear Friends,

I wanted to recommend a wonderful company called "Event Me" run by Volker and Dietmar Detering. In my quest for an audience for my show "Reflecting on Marlene," which I performed at Judy's Chelsea four times in October, I turned to Volker. In a matter of hours his VIP e-mail list provided me three charming German female bankers for my performance that night. They were exactly the kind of clientele I had hoped to attract. His idea of culling the exact performances with potential audience members' interests,
is a brilliant and creative one.

I hope you'll want to make use of this unique service. Visit them on the web at

Only in New York City, right?

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays,

Elizabeth Hodes


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